About Us

About Us

FitStory Health is a Comprehensive Fitness & Wellness Technology solution. Using proprietary 3D BVSITM (Body Volume & Surface Imaging) technology, we provide accurate body measurements, body composition analysis, automated, personalized workout programmes, nutrition plans and progress tracking.

We have combined cutting-edge Computer Vision and 3D Sensing technologies, insight and knowledge of some of the world’s leading Fitness Trainers and medical professionals, a deep understanding of the global Fitness & Wellness trends, to develop a comprehensive product suite for the Fitness Industry.

Whether you are a gym owner or a fitness trainer, a beginner or a professional athlete, FitStory Health has a solution for you.

What is BVSITM ?

BVSITM - Body Volume and Surface Imaging is an infra-red based 3D sensing technology developed with the help of some of the world’s leading doctors, medical professionals and technology experts. BVSITM analyses the body in 3D and calculates body measurements, body volume and risk factors associated with a person’s body shape, by measuring weight and fat distribution. This enables more holistic assessments that take into account visceral fat, body metrics and lifestyle factors.