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Scan - 3D Avatar Creation - Auto Measurements & Pattern Making... all in a few seconds


Made-to-Measure (MTM) Apparel : Automate your workflow and greatly reduce time spent on pattern making by using FitStory Fashion™ 360 Body Scanner and associated MTM Cloud tools. Reduce overall costs, improve customer experience and evolve your store to meet the customers’ expectations

Ready-to-Wear (RTW) Apparel : RTW Brands and malls can utilize our unique Size recommendation features to integrate and provide customers with accurate fit recommendations. Reduce waiting times at Trial rooms and improve the in-store customer experience with our 360 Body Scanner.

Online Fashion : RTW Brands can also drive their offline customers to the online space. Reduce product returns and increase profitability as customers can now utilize their digital avatars for the perfect fit. Our secure API and suggestion platform allows users to always choose the right fit.

FitStory Fashion™ ensures that customers find their perfect fit every single time.

Our 3D Scan is as easy as a 1-2-3! Moreover, anyone can easily operate the 360 Body Scanner by themselves with the FitStory Fashion™ mobile App to initiate the scan and create their own 3D Avatars instantly!

We safeguard all private customer data and ensure that only the authorized stores have access to their customer measurements.

Vitruvian 3D Solutions - Vitruvian 3D Solutions is a Computer Vision Software development company with expertise in 3D Scanning & Visualization. We develop products that leverage the most advanced, cutting-edge 3D technology to provide solutions within the Fashion, Fitness and allied sectors.

Our combined expertise covers diversified skill-sets such as
  • Textile and Apparel Manufacturing, Wholesale and Retail
  • Years of Digital Clothing and Computer Vision research
  • Years of Fitness & Nutrition Care research
  • Cross Platform Hardware/Software Integration
  • Cloud Computing architecture design and implementation
  • UX Research & Design
  • Technical support & Customer Service
  • Hardware Manufacturing and Commercialization

At FitStory, we are strong believers in the phrase "You're only as good as your team". This belief is reflected in the way we empower the people that work with us and provide them with tremendous opportunities to achieve both professional and personal growth.

We seek to work with creative, passionate and innovative people that thrive when given responsibility, someone that can deliver results with ease and looks forward to the next challenge. If this sounds like you, we'd love to know you better.

Computer Vision Software Engineer

3 Positions

Hyderabad Location

Android Developers

2 Positions

Hyderabad Location

iOS Developers

2 Positions

Hyderabad Location

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