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Advanced Gym CRM Software

The FitStory Health Gym CRM is the most complete Gym Management solution that you will ever need. Packed with features that help gyms manage members and trainers, track leads and create marketing campaigns, customize training programmes and schedule sessions and much more our Gym CRM is aimed at helping Gyms grow their businesses.

Designed for gyms of all kinds, we also help customize the software for specific training programmes such as Strength Training, Functional Fitness and CrossFit to name a few.

Whether you own a boutique gym or a chain of fitness centers, our Cloud based Gym CRM is scalable and easy to deploy, so you can focus on expanding your business.

Mobile Apps for Members & Trainers

Customer Engagement and Retention is the backbone of every successful gym’s roadmap. We empower your Members & Trainers with our Mobile apps and enable 3D Fitness visualizations and personalized fitness management. Members can also receive workouts, nutrition plans, track and monitor progress, communicate with Trainers and review goals, personal bests etc., seamlessly from the app. Leverage our apps for superior customer engagement and retention and guide them to success.

Equip your Trainers with easy-to-use tools to help manage and coach clients, maintain relationships and motivate clients, prescribe training programs and increase Personal Training revenues without increasing your man-power.

3D BVSI Body Scanner

The FitStory Health 3D BVSI Body Scanner is the most sophisticated and accurate Fitness Assessment technology in the World. Accurate 3D Avatars of clients helps provide visual confirmation of progress along with precise measurements and body composition analysis.

Accurate Body Composition data such as Body Fat, Lean Body Mass and other vital metrics helps keep tabs on overall Fitness levels and general well being.

The 3D BVSI Body Scanner is completely safe and radiation free, therefore, usable for clients of all ages and genders including pregnant women and elderly people. Unlock the power of 3D Fitness Visualization with us and provide memorable and consistent customer experiences.

AI Powered Workouts

The only AI-Powered Workout Creation system that automatically generates personalized workouts for every member specific to their goals. Our Virtual Training system is also available for Gyms to use to promote Personal Training programmes within their offerings.

Leverage our automated workout solutions to receive tailored workouts for every member and client that you train.

Nutrition Recommendation Engine

Our AI powered Nutrition Recommendation engine provides Macro Nutrient break-up of each members diet based on their specific goals. Combined with a comprehensive Food library that enables members to log and track their food intake, we also provide personalized meal plans that will optimize the recovery and performance of members and clients.

Key Features

The Best Practices Of Global Fitness Industry At Your Fingertips

Member Engagement

Manage memberships, attendance, track goal progress, create workout plans and engage members better with our FitStory Gym CRM.

Trainer Management

Manage Trainers, their schedules, track Trainer performance and overall effectiveness seamlessly using our Gym CRM and Trainer Apps.

Workout Library

Provide customized workouts for your Members and enable Trainers to utilize our collection of 3000+ exercises and recommendations to ensure member satisfaction.

Group Class Scheduling

For Gyms that offer Group sessions, our software helps schedule classes, register member sign-ups and organize events & challenges with just a few clicks.

Marketing Automation

Automate marketing campaigns across Email, SMS and Mobile App platforms with ease. Receive performance reports and create targeted campaigns for existing and prospective members faster.

Lead Generation

Generate and convert leads efficiently, track sales and create special offers to attract new customers seamlessly with the FitStory Gym CRM

Reports & Analytics

Analyze sales trends, review campaign performance, receive member feedback and much more with our advanced reporting and analytics tools.

Member Retention

Retain more members using the 3D BVSI Body Scanner that helps them visualize their progress in 3D along with body composition analysis. Provide customized routines and receive nutrition recommendations from FitStory to provide a superior customer experience.

Billing & Subscriptions

Manage member subscriptions, receive membership expiry alerts, handle billing and invoicing without any hassles.

Why Gyms need FitStory Health?

The Fitness Industry is booming, yet, there are several problems that cause gyms to fail. Gyms struggle with rising rental costs and constantly need more members to sign-up and stay for long periods of time to become profitable. In this high-tech era, members expect quality service and engagement at affordable prices, and FitStory enables gyms to address these issues and to survive and thrive

Our 3D BVSI scanner helps you distinguish your gym from the rest. Detailed imagery of the prospects’ body evokes an emotional response, encouraging them to take action. Improve your closing percentage by introducing the scanner and providing a free scan and 3D Analysis during the initial gym tour.
The 3D BVSI Scanner helps members see even the smallest of changes in their bodies in 3D! By showing progress both visually and in inches lost, members stay motivated and committed when they receive unbiased, objective progress reports with personalized workouts and nutrition plans via the FitStory Health programme
Our software provides your trainers with automated workout recommendations for their members along with a simple communication interface to help members and trainers stay connected. Personal Trainers can now showcase progress and efficiency of the workouts and overall performance using our 3D Scan and Analyze Me features, which helps members see change and appreciate the value of the programme
Achieve tangible revenues using our 3D BVSI Body Scanner while managing and tracking performance of your trainers and members seamlessly. Innovative fitness assessment technology also drives non-members into your facility for complete fitness testing and creates opportunities for higher member sign-ups.
Using our 3D BVSI Scanner and associated mobile apps, you can now provide effective programmes and justify members’ progress both visually and through numbers. Establish more transparency and engage members better to keep them signed on for your Personal training packages.

FitStory Health CRM Customizations

While the core features of our products remain the same, we also customize the software depending on your gyms’ specific requirements. Our CRM software works for all types of Gyms and fitness programmes including

Strength & Conditioning

Functional Fitness


Pilates & Zumba

Boutique Wellness Clinics

Slimming Centers

Feature Comparison

Features CRM CRM, Mobile Apps & 3D BVSI Scanner CRM & Mobile Apps
Member Management
Trainer Management
Member Performance Tracking
Trainer Performance Tracking
Staff Management
Workout Library
AI Trainer Assist
Marketing & Sales
SMS, Email Promotions
App Promotions
Plans & Package Creation
Nutrition Recommendation
Virtual Trainer
Body Composition Analysis
3D Avatar
3D Comparison
Body Measurements

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Experience the features of 3D Body View, Precise Measurements, Advance Body Metrics & Analysis, Personalized Workouts and Nutrition features and offers your customers the best checkout experience.

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