A Comprehensive Fitness
and Wellness Assessment Solution

The most powerful 3D body scanner and reporting engine

Product Features

3D Body View

An accurate 3D Visualization of your body helps identify and track even the smallest changes

Precise Measurements

Automatic Body Measurements help you measure key indicators and track changes associated with body shape and size

Health Risk Assessments

Receive holistic health risk assessments along with recommendations to reduce risks associated with heart disease, obesity and various morbidity causes

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Advance Body Metrics & Analysis

Track relevant parameters like body volume, fat percentage and muscle mass and many more metrics to get a holistic fitness assessment

Personalized Workouts and Nutrition

Set goals and receive automated, personalized workout plans and nutrition recommendations to improve overall health

Historical Comparison

Visualize where and how much you body is growing or shrinking and correlate with your fitness goal


Fitstory Body Measurements

Fast, Safe, Non-Invasive Scanning

The FitStory BVSI scanner performs a full-body scan in just 3 seconds and is 100% safe for everyone including pregnant women and children


Fitstory Body Measurements

Advanced Goal Setting & Tracking

Get personalized workout programs that change dynamically with your fitness progress and realise a healthier you


Fitstory Body Measurements

Visualize your Transformation

Visually track the smallest of changes in your body to stay motivated and committed to your fitness journey


Fitstory Body Measurements

Fitness Wearable Compatible

FitStory integrates with popular Fitness trackers such as Google Health, Fitbit, Apple Watch etc., to provide even more comprehensive results


Fitstory Body Measurements

Data-Driven Workouts & Health Risk Assessments

Using advanced Machine Learning and AI, we provide automated workouts and health risk assessments for all body types


Fitstory Body Measurements

Chart your own Fitstory

We are your ultimate Fitness Companion and help you realize a fitter, healthier version of yourself

Personalized Fitness
Dashboard and Reporting


Goal-based Fitness dashboard

View the most important and relevant body metrics based on your fitness goals


My Measurements

Precise measurements that track changes as little as 0.05mm to give you an unbiased and accurate feedback on your fitness journey


Analyze Me

A complete fitness and wellness assessment of your most recent scan providing the most comprehensive health risk assessments based on your body metrics


Historical Comparison

Visual feedback and comparison of your body reflecting your actual transformation


Instant, on-demand Reporting

Access, download and share your reports across any device or platform

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