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Build your Brand, engage with Clients better and maximize your earning potential.

Key Features

Track Client Progress

Get a thorough view of your clients' progress. Review body stats and key fitness metrics, set fitness targets, and monitor progress seamlessly through our app.

Create Customized Workouts

Utilize our extensive workout library to create personalized workouts for your clients. Be it circuit training, interval training or traditional workouts, you can churn out routines with ease.

Promote your Training Programs

Promote your training programmes on the FItStory App marketplace and reach clients from across the globe. Increase your sales and help clients achieve goals through our app.

Schedule and Manage Sessions

Manage client schedules, interact with them using our in-app messaging and organize sessions easily with just a few clicks.

FitStory Trainer Assist

Whether you’re just starting out or feel that you need certified assistance in managing your clients’ workouts, FitStory Trainer Assist programme provides you with recommendations for workouts and nutrition plans so you can serve your clients better. You take the credit, we do the job.

Become a Certified Trainer

Access certified personal trainer development programmes and get certified by world renowned organizations. Expand your reach, build credibility and train clients across the world.

Who is the FitStory Trainer App for?

Anyone who already is trainer or aspires to become one, can benefit from the FitStory Health Trainer App.

Personal Trainers

Show clients measurable results, build transparency and confidence in your training programmes and grow your business rapidly via the FitStory app.

In-House Gym Trainers

Manage your gym members without any hassles. Provide training programmes and monitor progress easily via the app. Use the FitStory Trainer Assist programme to provide workouts and nutrition plans and elevate your status.